On the afternoon of November 5th 2021, the board and staff of Confucius Institute received a new Chinese Director. In a luncheon that took place at the Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Prof. Pei Guanggang was officially received to take office for a four year period.

Prof. Pei takes over from Prof. Li Jing who has been serving for the last 3 (three) years. Prof. Pei was officially dispatched by Chinese International Education Foundation and partner University Shandong Normal. The Office of the Chinese Director is occupied by a seasoned Chinese Language professor, who links the Confucius Institute and KU with partners in china. He/she is also in charge of Chinese members of staff and coordinates the dispatch and receipt of faculty and students on exchange programmes. They manage administration of the International HSK/HSKK exams and also serve as the consultant on some Chinese related nonacademic matters affecting the University, Chinese Embassy in Kenya and any other stakeholders.

Since inception the Institute has so far hosted seven (7) Chinese Directors and Prof. Pei shall be the 8th. Speaking at the luncheon, Prof. Pei said he was glad to take over the office. He praised his predecessor Prof. Li Jing who he said had given him a lot of support during the transition period. He said he looked forward to working closely with everyone to achieve the set mandate of the Institute.

Local Director Dr. Hellen Kiende Guantai said she had worked very well with the former Chinese Director and assured the board and staff that the same shall continue with the new Chinese Director. She said it was important that all appreciate the difference in language and culture and work in unity to continue producing excellent speakers of Chinese Language.

The KUCI Board Chair Prof. Leonard Kisovi said he was happy to receive Prof. Pei. He wished him a productive and happy stay in Kenya and assured him of great support from the board of Directors. He said over the years Kenyatta University and Shandong Normal University have worked well together, and that is made possible by a good working collaboration between the office of the Local and Chinese Directors.

Along with the new Director, Volunteers Lin Zhe, Luo Duoduo and Nan Aiqing were also officially introduced. They shall teach Chinese language for periods of 1(one) and or two (2) years.


Prof. Pei Guanggang New Chinese Director Confucius Institute at Kenyatta University


Outgoing Chinese Director Prof. Li Jing adressing the team


Introduction of members of staff to new Chinese Director


KUCI members of staff keenly following proceedings


KUCI Local director Dr. Hellen Kiende Guantai addressing staff at the luncheon


KUCI Board chair Prof. Leonard Kisovi