Tree Planting

USIU Confucius Classroom Official Launch

On 13 th February 2020, Students Faculty and Partners of United States International University led by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul T Zeleza celebrated the official launch of USIU Confucius Classroom. This is a great achievement for USIU as it is the First Private University in Kenya to have a Confucius Classroom. With an increasing student base that takes Chinese language studies, the University has over the years continued to produce excellent speakers of Chinese Mandarin. This launch ceremony comes after the official signing ceremony that was held on June 25 th 2019 at the University’s Vice Chancellor’s office.

Held at the USIU Auditorium, the 500 sitter building was almost filled with students, faculty and teachers from USIU, Confucius Institute at Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi Confucius Institute, Discovery Chinese Centre, Ruiru Fairview Academy, Mahanaim College, KCID, China Radio Confucius Classroom among others. Representative partners included Chairman of the Kenya China Alumni Association, Crawford International School, CITAM Church and officials from the Chinese Embassy in Kenya.

Kicking off the launch ceremony was USIU DVC Academic Prof. Amb. Ruthie Rono who welcomed all that honored the invitation. She said USIU places great importance in teaching every single one of their students at least one foreign language and that places them in a competitive place in the global market. Chinese she said, had attracted many students who are either taking it either as a major of a minor. The Keynote speech was by USIU Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul T Zeleza. He said language is a window that can be used to understand a people’s social makeup and state. He said his students would strengthen ties with peoples globally faster and better by learning their language. He hoped that by launching the Confucius Classroom his students would benefit more and especially through scholarship and employment opportunities.


Chinese Director Prof. Li Jing and an official from the Chinese Embassy in Kenya plant a commemoration Tree

In attendance also was Dr. Mabonga from KCID (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development). He said in his speech that Chinese language as a subject in the new

curriculum was at grade 4 by 2020. He hoped that USIU Confucius Classroom would work closely with KCID to help in the ongoing development of competency based
USIU Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Martin Njoroge moved the vote of thanks. He acknowledged and thanked all that honored the invitation to the launch of USIU Confucius Classroom. Confucius Institute at Kenyatta University led by its two Directors was at the core of helping USIU apply to be considered a Confucius Classroom. KUCI has continued to offer consultancy on different aspects that led to Hanban finally approving USIU to be a Confucius Classroom. A few years ago KUCI accompanied USIU students on a tour of China and Shandong Normal University proving the University’s commitment to the studying of Chinese Mandarin language. The USIU Confucius Classroom is the second under KUCI. The first Confucius Classroom under KUCI is Rusinga Schools.