The “Culture Week” at Kenyatta University was hosted from 11th Feb. to 15th Feb 2013 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Confucius board members, Martin C.Njoroge, Director of CI, Prof. Yang Daping, Chinese Director and all the lecturers attended the function, got together to celebrate the 2013 Chinese New Year. This activity welcomed all staff of Kenyatta University, middle school students as well as local Kenya people.

The content includes introduce traditional Chinese custom, taste Chinese food, Chinese tea, appreciate the performance which organized by Chinese embassy. Some of the participants listened to the explanation of the Chinese lecturers, some involved in the interaction, everybody enjoy themselves to this activities. This activity was praised by Kenyatta University and the community, which enlarged the popularity of CI and further promoted the development of Chinese teaching in Kenya.

The local newspaper, “The East Africa” covered the event. Chinese culture has been greatly promoted in and around Kenya now. Most people know about twelve animals of the year and many people asked before the New Year’s Day what year it is this year. It is really encouraging to see all these achievements and the Confucius Institute will work harder in the year of 2013 and look forward to more achievements and influence. (Written /Zhang Yu Picture /Jia Bingbo)

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