The two directors pose for a photograph with some of the Chinese volunteer teachers who completed their tour of duty.photograph with some of the

The Confucius Institute bade farewell to a number of volunteers and lecturers who completed their tenure of service at the Institute within the course of 2018. In the first of such ceremonies to mark the end of their tour of duty, the CI Director, Dr, Kamau Wango congratulated the two lecturers Dr. Zhou Xiaodong and Mr. Yang Chi for a successful posting at the CI and commended them for their good work within a period of more two years at the Institute. He noted that each had played a significant role in the daily operations of the Institute notably in the management of teaching, administration of HSK examinations as well as the preparation and planning of major cultural events and activities. On behalf of the CI, he wished them both all the best in their future endeavours. Dr. Wango, in a separate ceremony, also bade farewell to a number of volunteers after their completion of their one year stint at the Institute. He observed that each of them had a specific assignment at the CI apart from their regular teaching duties all of which they had executed with admirable dedication. He appealed to all those departing to put their experience gained during their stay in Kenya to good use and be good ambassadors of the Confucius Institute and Kenyatta University as a partner University. He also urged them, in whatever capacity in future, to continue to foster good relations between Chinese and Kenyan Peoples. The Volunteers who left are Ji Xiaoyi, Luo Yanwu, Yan Yueqi and Yu Haitao.

1. Lecturer DR.Zhou Xiaodong:Responsible for teaching administration and HSK, HSKK tests
2. Lecturer Yang Chi: Responsible for function planning and arranging
3. Volunteer Ji Xiaoyi: Responsible for meeting minutes and dance team training
4. Volunteer Luo Yanwu: Responsible for writing articles, HSK/HSKK training and CI choir training
5. Volunteer Yan Yueqi: Responsible for CI Wechat public account, CI monthly news bulletin and PPT production
6. Volunteer Yu Haitao: Responsible for CI martial arts team training

 Figure2-Dr.Zhou Xiaodong – Lecturer

 Dr.Zhou Xiaodong – Lecturer

Figure3-Mr.Yang Chi – lecturer

 Mr.Yang Chi – lecturer

Figure7-Ms.  Ji Xiaoyi - Volunteer

 Ms.  Ji Xiaoyi - Volunteer

Figure6-Ms.Yan Yueqi - Volunteer

Ms.Yan Yueqi - Volunteer

 Figure5-Mr.Yu Haitao – Volunteer

 Mr.Yu Haitao – Volunteer

 Figure4-Ms.Luo Yanwu – Volunteer

 Ms.Luo Yanwu – Volunteer