On July 19, the Confucius Institute of Kenyatta University held its first Martial Arts Competition.
The competition consisted of two groups; Primary and Intermediate, performing "eight-style Taijiquan" and "twenty-four-style Taijiquan" respectively. The judges synthetically evaluated the performance of the contestants according to their performance integrity, action standard and error degree.
Each group had one first-class, one second-and-third-class prize and several excellent prizes. Before the start of the competition, the referees took an oath saying they would uphold the principle of fairness and justice in the competition and strictly implement the scoring standards. As a representative of the contestants, Alina Cichoki, a student of Confucius Institute, pledged that all the contestants would seriously participate in the contest, abide by the rules of the contest, and achieve the level and style of the contest.

The opening speech was given by CI Chinese Director Li Jingzhi, who first expressed her gratitude to all the guests for attending the competition. At the same time, she was very happy to see that so many students had developed interest in Chinese martial arts and entered the competition.
The competitions of the junior and intermediate groups were held on the same day, morning and afternoon respectively. The players were elegant, honest, excellent and rigid. Every move was given full play to the usual practice, especially the "24-style Taijiquan" performance of the intermediate group.
After a fierce competition, Naomi Macharia, Pauline Wanjiru, Geraldine Mulimi won the first, second and third prizes, while Eugene Teddy, Wakoli Steve and Alina Cichoki won the first, second and third prizes. CI Director Prof. Li Jing and the distinguished guests presented the awards to the athletes and congratulated them.

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