On the 10th of July, Parents and guardians of CI students attended a Parent’s summer Camp Briefing organized by the CI. The meeting was aimed at informing parents of successful Summer Camp students what the trip their children were to take for 2 weeks in China would entail. The meeting was hosted by CI Director Dr. Wango who first of all congratulated all qualified students and reiterated on the place of foreign languages and especially Chinese in the current world. He stated that having a foreign language apart from a basic degree guaranteed success in the future of the students. The Parents were treated to 5 beautiful presentations of Chinese traditional dances, Martial Arts performance and a song by both students and Teachers of CI. The Chinese Director Ms. Li then went on to give an in-depth introduction of CI and Shandong Normal University. She elaborated on the different partnerships the two universities work on, stating that KU is the second CI SDNU opened globally. She pointed out the inclusion of the Basketball team into the Summer Camp for the first time. The basketball team will accompany CI Summer Camp Students to China. She mentioned 4 martial arts students that were also part of the team that would go to China and encouraged the students to take advantage of the different opportunities available to them to go to China and further their knowledge of the language. Rachael, one of the Chinese lecturers at the institute who would be leading and taking care of the students during the Summer Camp gave her speech as well affirming the parents that for those 2 weeks their children would be her own children. Rachael reminded the students of the importance of being disciplined while in China.
Parents were then taken through the rules, regulations and requirements expected of their children during the trip. Parents were also given an opportunity to ask questions which were answered. Some of the parents encouraged fellow parents to pray for their children while they are away and assured the CI that their children were well mannered. CI Director Dr. Wango gave the closing remarks reiterating on the difference in China’s culture and Kenyan culture and reminded students to be careful to keep time while on their trip to China. Also in attendance were CI members of staff and Chinese volunteer Teachers and Lecturers.

Report by
Ruth Sarah Achieng’
Administrator KU CI